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Snoring SolutionHey I’m Ron, I have always been a loud snorer, it’s just a part of me. I sometimes snore loud enough to wake myself up, and as my wife tells me, I snore loud enough to wake her up multiple times at night too. It wasn’t until my wife started telling me she really couldn’t take it anymore and hated having to cover her head with her pillow at night and asked me to find a solution that worked.

In my endeavor to find the best anti snoring device that was comfortable, easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable there was one in particular that was better than all the of the rest, SnoreRx. Now they’re not the cheapest one available but it was only about $10 more than the others and it worked much better than the others.

I actually tried 6 different anti snoring devices to find out which one was the very best. Now there’s no question that the SnoreRx is the very best out of all of them for multiple reasons. The others that I tried were Zyppah, ZQuiet, Vital Sleep, Snore Doc and Pure Sleep. Now they all sort of work to a degree. The only other one that I’d sort of recommend buying would be the ZQuiet.

There are a multitude of features that are far superior with the SnoreRx than all of the others. Firstly and most importantly it was very comfortable. When I put it in my mouth my lower jaw effortlessly sits forward to keep my airway open. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to find my lower jaw had come off the mouthpiece.

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That was the biggest issue I had with all the other snoring mouthpieces, my teeth don’t stay in place. Since my teeth wouldn’t stay locked into the snoring mouthpiece, my lower jaw would fall back and I’d start snoring again.

What I love about the SnoreRx mouthpiece is that I was able to make micro adjustments to the set in increments of 1mm. I was able to fit it exactly to how it felt most comfortable in my mouth. A couple of the other mouthpieces allowed for adjustments butSnoreRx Comparison Chart they would either slowly slip to a different adjustment or were too large of an adjustment.

The other thing I love about my SnoreRx snoring mouthpiece is that I was able to easily mold my teeth to it so that it actually locks my jaw in place all night long. A couple of the other anti snoring devices were similar in that I could mold my teeth into them but they didn’t do well at holding my jaw in place which is the whole point of the mouthpiece.

Another thing I liked is that I could still talk mostly normal while wearing it. Just because I put it in doesn’t mean my wife and I aren’t talking about something as we’re going to bed. Especially with the Zyppah mouthpiece that was an impossible task. It was easy to talk with the SnoreRx in my mouth.

After trying all 6 of these mouthpieces there is only one choice that I’d every truly recommend to anyone and that is the SnoreRx. 100% absolutely worth it. Not to mention the 100% risk free trial makes it easy to see if it works.

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