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There are a number of reasons why I prefer the SnoreRx over all the other anti snoring devices. I have personally used 6 different snoring mouthpieces to see which one is the very best. The clear winner is the SnoreRx. It is far superior to all the other brands because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

When it comes to comfort, the SnoreRx is by far the best. I found that with the SnoreRx snoring mouthpiece I was still able to talk somewhat comfortably and hold a conversation if I needed to. Something when my wife and I are going to bed we are talking about things. When I think we’re done I put my snoring mouthpiece in my mouth. Sometimes my wife will have an additional thought or question. I can actually answer her without having to take the SnoreRx anti snoring device out of my mouth.

SnoreRxI found that with the ZQuiet, Zyppah and others that I couldn’t really talk even after wearing the mouthpiece for a week or more. I thought I’d eventually get used to it and I’d be able to talk. Not the case at all.

SnoreRx has the best adjustment feature out of all of the mouthpieces available. It has 1mm adjustments that can be made. A couple other anti-snoring mouthpieces had the ability to have adjustments be made too but they were not easy to do.

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One uses and Allen Wrench to make the adjustment but I never felt like both sides were balanced. I could usually get one side to sit just right, but the other side would be slightly off. Not to mention I really didn’t like putting it in my mouth, feeling it out, taking it out with my saliva all over it. Then just repeating the process again to get the fit, that was not fun.

Some of the other mouthpieces like the Snore Doc, Vital Sleep and Pure Sleep I found actually hurt my teeth quite a bit. Many times I’d get a headache while trying to go to sleep when wearing the devices. I don’t know if it’s just my mouth but it seems like it is a consistent review that pops up. Maybe the mouthpiece is too hard or it’s pushing my teeth like braces and that caused pain. Needless to say getting a headache while trying to go to bed is no fun.

The SnoreRx didn’t give me any issues like the others did. The SnoreRx has been both comfortable and effective. My wife is happy to sleep in the same room as me now and we don’t have to buy another bed just for her to sleep in.

I don’t know what it is about me but I have always snored. The SnoreRx has helped me though and I have noticed that I sleep much deeper and get a much more restful sleep. I have more energy and so does my wife because she too can sleep at night. For over 2 years I have solved my problem and my SnoreRx is still in great shape.

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