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When it comes to snoring and most specifically snoring with someone sleeping next to you, it can get a little ugly. I used to snore every night and my wife has always just put up with it until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was to the point of looking at another bed for a separate bedroom so she could actually sleep through the night. Then I saw a commercial for a snoring mouthpiece.

That’s when she asked me to find a good snoring mouthpiece since it would be 100 times cheaper than getting another bed just for her. Obviously I didn’t want her to have to sleep in another room, nor did I want to spend so much money on a new bed. SnoreRx PicI started looking at many different types of anti snoring devices to find what was best out there.

There are many different “high quality” brands or snoring mouthpieces available but there truly is only one that works the best. SnoreRx was and has been my favorite to use now for over 2 years. My second favorite was the ZQuiet but it didn’t work as well as the SnoreRx. There were a few others I tried using like the Zyppah, Snore Doc, Pure Sleep, and Vital Sleep.

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There were many similar issues that I found with the other brands that in the end helped me decide that they were not the best snoring mouthpieces out there. The number one biggest issue with the majority of them is that my lower jaw or teeth would slip out of place of the mouthpiece. Since my teeth slip out of place, my jaw would slide back and my snoring would continue. Obviously that doesn’t work and I was able to get my money back on all of those devices.

The biggest reason I love using my SnoreRx mouthpiece is that my teeth stay in place the entire night. This helps make sure that my lower jaw stays pushed forward so that I can avoid snoring at night. The others didn’t mold to my teeth well so it didn’t lock them in place and sometimes I would still snore. The ZQuiet didn’t do it as bad as the others did but the SnoreRx still was far better.

The other thing that the SnoreRx has an advantage on than the other is that is small and so it makes it easier to talk while it’s in my mouth. The others were very large and others likes the Zyppah even had a tongue suppressor which is supposed to make it better. I found that just because I was getting ready for bed didn’t mean I was done talking and with the other snoring mouthpieces it was nearly impossible to talk. Whereas with the SnoreRx it was still easy to talk.

Obviously the feature that helps me talk and keep my jaw in place all night is the 1mm increment adjustments I can make to the mouthpiece. I had to try a couple of different sizes to get mine just how I wanted it. But after making the tiny adjustments it fits perfect. That’s what helps keep in my mouth all night long. Others have adjustments that can be done with an allen wrench but it’s hard to get both sides of the mouthpiece to fit the exact same.

SnoreRx is the absolute best snoring mouthpiece available. Nothing stands close to it.

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