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There are a multitude of “Stop Snoring Devices” available on the market. Both from online sources as well as stores like Walgreens. My personal favorite after trying 6 different ones is the SnoreRx. There are many reasons but the basic reason is, it works far better and is much more comfortable than any other stop snoring devices.

The SnoreRx has 1mm adjustments that can be made so that it fits my mouth perfectly. The design is so that it will fit anyone’s mouth and they can make adjustments as they see fit. This was great for me because the original setting it came on definitely did not fit my mouth. I was easily able to set it to where I wanted it, clamp it in place and it has stayed in that same spot for over 2 years without ever giving me an issue.

The ZQuiet is my second favorite. It worked great as far as doing what it’s supposed to do. However, as I mentioned in my other ZQuiet review, it had a tendency to slip out my mouth at night which would cause me to start snoring again since my lower jaw wasn’t being propped forward. This didn’t happen all of the time but it happened enough times for me to not like it as much. My lower jaw teeth simply wouldn’t stay tight in it all night long sometimes.

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The Zyppah was one that I really didn’t like that much. It has a tongue suppressor, or a band that goes from one side to the other to help keep my tongue down. The idea behind it is that by pushing the tongue down it also opens up the airway even more to reduce snoring even more. The issue that I found was that the act of pushing my tongue down would push my mouth open. Then the act of pushing my mouth open at night is that my lower jaw would not stay in the mouthpiece and I’d snore again.

Pure Sleep worked okay, it was like combination between Zyppah and ZQuiet. It worked okay because it didn’t help with my snoring but I never quite got it to fit properly, it was a little funky to have in my mouth. I did notice though that because of its awkward fit that it would hurt my teeth a little bit, almost like I had braces in. The pain of wearing them was not worth the bonus of it stopping my snoring.

Vital Sleep to me was pretty much a copy-cat of the Pure Sleep. I don’t know if they were one company and then split into two? Or maybe someone didn’t like someone else there and started a new company with a very similar product? Or possibly the two companies both had a very similar idea. Either way Vital Sleep was nothing like SnoreRx. Vital Sleep gave me pain in my teeth too.

Lastly, the Snore Doc. This one was a glorified football mouth guard. It has a breathing hole in the front of it which makes it different and it has a row for the bottom teeth to mold into. I did not like this one at all because it really hurt my mouth, especially my teeth and gums. It would fall out of place and I’d start snoring again. It felt like a paid a load of money for a junky item. I would not recommend it at all.

The only one I can truly recommend is the SnoreRx. It truly fixes my snoring issues. After using for over 2 years I can safely say it’s comfortable, works, and totally worth it.

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